Mark Petaccia is a recording engineer, producer, and musician based in Nashville, TN. Since 2003, Mark worked as a staff engineer in studios such as Blackbird Studio, Cash Cabin Studio, and Quad Studios. After going freelance in 2009, Mark spent two years working directly with Vance Powell at Sputnik Sound on countless recording and mix sessions.  Following his work with Vance, Mark spent two years engineering records for producers like Dave Cobb and artist/producer Brendan Benson. In the summer of 2014 Mark went independent, and now owns a mixing studio in South Nashville. 


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In the studio, Mark Petaccia is the collaborator who leads the journey from an artist’s intention to the final sound. He is an inventor, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist -- invaluable to his role as a producer. Appreciated in particular by Americana and Rock artists, Mark has a feel for keeping a live, organic sound in his productions. He embraces the clever imperfections which may have otherwise been left unappreciated, he hones in on the artist's motive and highlights the soul of the content, and he welcomes unconventional methods and sounds, allowing for a uniquely honest record that forces you to feel. 

Mark was hired for his first assistant mixing session at Quad Studios with John Carter, son of Johnny Cash, mixing the Carter family tribute record, The Unbroken Circle. Mark went on to work on the last song Johnny Cash ever completed with his son, and was later asked to assist John Carter at Cash Cabin Studio. Through influences of David Ferguson, Cowboy Jack Clement, and house engineer Chuck Turner, Mark cut his teeth in audio recording. He later played a large role in remodeling and reconstructing the new studio and echo chamber at Cash Cabin, which still remains.

Vance Powell, well known for his work with Jack White, was the GM and chief engineer at Blackbird Studio for the duration of Mark's employment there. The relationship began at Blackbird with Mark assistant engineering on Jack White's James Bond: Quantum of Solace theme song as well as Danger Mouse's Rome sessions. This relationship continued to Sputnik Sound, Powell's own studio, where Mark honed his skills working on various records from Leann Rimes to Rival Sons. During this time, he mastered a wide range of recording formats from fully analog to completely digital, and everything in between.

In the early months of 2013, Mark was asked to engineer and mix what would become Jason Isbell's record Southeastern, alongside producer Dave Cobb. With Jason's wedding in two weeks time, there was a limited window to record and mix. Pausing only for the Saturday night ceremony, mixes were finalized and delivered Sunday evening. A mere fifteen days after the start, the project was complete. This record went on to win Americana Music Awards for Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for "Cover Me Up," and Album of the Year in 2014.  In June of 2013, following the release of Southeastern, Mark went back to work with Cobb on Lindi Ortega's Tin Star album.  This earned her a CCMA Roots Artist of the Year award along with wide critical acclaim. The pair finished the year working on a new band, California Breed, featuring Jason Bonham and Glenn Hughes.

2014 was a year dedicated to creativity, with The Wans album release and subsequent touring, as well as the building of Petti Sound recording studio; Mark continued to work on successful records such as Nora Jane Struthers' Wake, which received wide praise and earned a spot in the Top 20 of Americana Radio charts.

Mark then went on to produce several records at Petti Sound, his recording studio in Berry Hill, including those of Alyssa Bonagura, Sean Quinn, India Ramey, Eleonore Denig (Poly) and acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter Tony Kerr, among countless mixes from singles to full albums for clients all around the world. 

Since August 2017, Mark has been engineering in his custom built mixing studio in South Nashville, where he's mixed records for Reality Something, Simon Kerr, Grant Ferris, and more.